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Ugandan Pride festival takes place in Entebbe

Just days after the Uganda’s Constitutional Court struck down the country’s notorious anti-gay law – which threatened gay people with life imprisonment – jubilant LGBT citizens have been celebrating with a gay Pride parade on a beach in the lakeside town of Entebbe – about 25 miles from capital city, Kampala.

A local Ugandan gay activist, Moses Kimbugwe, told a local news service that around 200 people were expected to attend the event – taking place today. It’s the country’s third annual Pride, following the country’s first event in 2012.

Those attending have been publishing photos of the event on Twitter. Understandably, given the intense homophobia in Ugandan society, many of those attending have worn masks to protect their identity.

One of those attending, Dr Frank Mugisha, posted that the event – which has received official police clearance to proceed – was ‘going well’, alongside a beaming picture of himself and others. The official Twitter account at @PrideUganda posted further pictures, saying that the day had been blessed with ‘perfect weather’. Follow #UGPridepostAHA for more updates.

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